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Lots of inspection companies continue to produce checklist-style reports that contain comments written by software companies or others who know little about construction.

My inspection reports are clear, concise, and specific to every house or building I look at. The reports also contain photo logs to help customers better understand deficiencies within a house or building. The photos are annotated and contain arrows when necessary, so my clients can fully understand any egregious conditions within a house or building. Photos make it easier for everyone to understand problems. Especially when the problems are contained in areas you can’t see, like roofs, crawlspaces, or attics.

Some inspectors offer sample reports on their websites for you to read. You absolutely should read them, and ask yourself, “Do they make sense, and adequately describe deficiencies and defects?” “Are they thorough?” “Do they leave questions in my mind, or do they create a complete picture of the condition of the house?” Consider the writing skill of the inspector. Did he write it himself or did he merely click boxes on his software that injected generic sentences and paragraphs that were written by a software designer who has never seen the house?

You can view my sample report here:   Residential Sample Report